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Auto Dialer

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An Auto Dialer is a software which helps boost agents’ productivity by dialing calls automatically and once connected, either a pre-recorded message plays or the call is directly transferred to a live agent.

We offers Progressive and Predictive Dialers* as part of the Outbound Call Center to enable users to improve their agent productivity for efficient operations. In Progressive Dialers, the system automatically dials the next number on the list. This removes the wait time between calls and can improve productivity significantly. In Predictive Dialers, a new set of customers are dialed out according to available agents in the queue.

Benefits of Auto Dialer

Boost Agent

Increase Agent Talk Time with Improved Operational Efficiency.

Eliminate Manual

Modernize calling operations to save time of agents.

Enhance ROI & Sales

Automate calling operations for more conversations, better CX & higher sales.

Efficient Lead

Reach more prospects in lesser time for an enhanced lead generation process.

Auto Dialer Use Cases

Service detail image Service shape image

Reach as many prospects and leads as possible to increase sales and revenue.

Customer Care
Connect with customers to collect feedback on a service, connect with customers for product research.

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Features of Auto Dialers

Allows users to map a different queue for any campaign without having to update the queue within the IVR, thereby saving precious time.

Leads are mapped to specific agents based on their interaction history, expertise, etc.

Tag a call with a code to get more visibility into the outcomes of calls and can help supervisors identify areas for improvement.

Capture agent information, call details and other information to assess operations.

Improve calling operations by setting a lead dialing ratio per agent.